December 2, 2021

Making Your Adverts Count in an Era of Ad Blockers

Making Your Adverts Count in an Era of Ad Blockers

While online advertising can be a good way to increase your outreach, the rise of ad blockers has made it more complicated than ever to actually reach your audience. However, there are still ways of breaking through ad blockers – like high quality content marketing, among others.

According to Statista, by 2019, over 750 million individuals used the popular browser extension Adblock. In the last few years, it’s become even more popular – and you’ll be hard-pressed to find someone who isn’t using one on their browser. Despite the difficulties that this poses for advertisers around the world (as you can imagine, not having your ads displayed might be a problem), there are often quite a few things that you can do to work around this issue.

Why is everyone using Ad Blockers nowadays?

Before looking at the solution, let’s first talk about the problem. To find out how to solve the problem of ad blockers, we need to understand why people use them in the first place. So, why do people download extensions like Adblock?

Well, the answer should be pretty obvious: to get rid of annoying ads. However, the saturation of obtrusive and sometimes even aggressive ads has never been higher, and traversing the internet today without some sort of ad blocker isn’t a fun ride. In addition to the overabundance of annoying ads, some of them might also harbor dangerous malware.

Adblock-proofing your ads with content marketing

Outside of asking politely or forcing your visitors to view your ads, there are few ways of preventing them from using ad blockers. Instead, you might want to transfer your focus from banner ads to advertising through proper content.

The aim of content marketing is to get to your client not through clickbaity or obtrusive ads, but through creative targeted content, like articles, videos, podcasts, images, and so on. Such content can be informative and useful to the client, while still increasing your brand’s awareness.

Unlike banner ads and popups, content isn’t blocked by any such extension – through wise content design, you can reach more clients than with regular online ads, and create a lasting impression that will get you returning customers.


If you want to maximize your reach through optimized content, here’s what you can immediately implement:

✅ Making your content relevant with Real-time Marketing

Nobody likes irrelevant information – make sure you’re not late to the party with your content. Real-time Marketing is a strategy that aims to release content that’s extremely relevant to the current events – sometimes being even a day late might ruin the impact of your content!

✅ Get to know your target audience

Content marketing bases on proper market research – if you don’t know who your customers are, how are you going to tailor you content to them? Creating buyer personas is a common way of giving your team a better idea who your clients are.

✅ Make your ads fit in with native advertising

Also called sponsored content, it’s a way of advertising your brand on external platforms, without disturbing the coherence of their content. It could be called an extension of product placement, where your advertisement is neatly interwoven into the content, making sure it fits the context – for example, a product review on a technology blog.

✅ Rely on analytics

Keeping a good track of your customers and visitors is a good way of figuring out which strategy works the best. Sometimes, your content might be of really great quality, but something along the way is making your visitors not convert into clients. Analytic tools let you figure out exactly what is wrong and how to fix that issue.