• What is ToolCamp?

ToolCamp is a browser-based platform that includes popular work and entertainment applications. You can use them on any device and on any operating system. In ToolCamp you will find applications from different operating systems.


  • At what stage is ToolCamp?

We are currently working intensively on the development of the platform and increasing the base of available applications. You can create an account now and use the ones we already have for free.

If you are a representative of the company, you can leave us your email address – we will inform you when we prepare the work environment and the “For teams” option on the platform.


  • What applications can I use in ToolCamp?

All currently available applications can be found at https://tool.camp/apps/


  • How much does ToolCamp cost?

ToolCamp costs nothing at the moment. In the future, after launching the “For teams” service, we will charge a company fee according to the price list.


  • How do I create an account on ToolCamp?

Go to the website https://waas.tool.camp/register and fill in the form with the data. Currently, you can also register with your Google account.

Go to https://waas.tool.camp/login and enter your login details in the form. Then click the “Sign in” button. If you do not have any data, create an account at https://waas.tool.camp/register.