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ToolDocs – Document generator tool
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ToolDocs – Document generator tool

ToolDocs will automate your daily work and create space for other important tasks. You will save time on manual data transcription and operational work.

You will generate and send several dozen of invoices to your customers in just a few clicks. You will create templates for contracts and company documents with your logo. All based on data from a simple template.


How does ToolDocs work?


You download a .doc template that will be your invoice or contract template. You personalize and modify it as desired (for example, by adding a company logo).


You download the .xls template that will be used to complete the data. You enter the data series into an .xls file.


You upload both files to ToolDocs and… magic happens. The invoice or contract is ready to download.

The document template will be saved. Next time, just send the .xls itself with the data and ToolDocs will generate the finished document for you.