We create a new way
of working - without
any technological barriers

Who are we

We are a team of programmers and business practitioners. We gained experience in international organizations, but also by running our own companies for many years. In our work so far, we have noticed that we lack a platform containing a package of tools that would improve people’s work.

This is what made ToolCamp – one place for all your apps.

What we do

We are currently working on the development of our platform and integration with as many applications as possible. At the same time, through surveys and interviews, we want to get to know the needs and expectations of our customers.

We want to create a place for their daily work and entertainment that will make them use their favorite applications quickly, conveniently and without any barriers.

Meet the ToolCamp team

Plans for the future

What's next? We want ToolCamp to be a place that will change the style of online work, convenient for each of us, enabling work and entertainment without hardware and system limitations.

In the future, we want ToolCamp to enable application developers to promote and reach users with their product. Thanks to a dedicated panel, creators will be able to share their work with others.