September 21, 2021

5 Tips on How to Work from Home More Efficiently

5 Tips on How to Work from Home More Efficiently

With more than 85% of managers expecting working from home to become a normality by the end of 2021, is it any wonder why more and more employees are taking the leap? For plenty, this ‘new normal’ is a blessing, but for others, it can be a tricky scenario to have to adjust to. With our 5 tips on how to work from home more efficiently, we’re sure you’ll soon be far more productive than ever imagined.


According to a recent survey from FindStack, it’s become apparent that a huge percentage of office employees would rather have a virtual working environment. 74% stated that they’d be more likely to stay with a company that allows home-working options, whilst a whopping 77% claimed to be more productive when working from their own environment.

But what about those of us that struggle to perform when outside of the office? As big as those percentages sound, there are still plenty that find it difficult to accommodate their workload, whilst remaining productive. The good news is that we have a selection of helpful tips to ensure that you stay active and efficient whether you’re working from bed, your living room, or a dedicated space away from the workplace.

1. Your Mental Health is Important

We’ve all been there before, dealing with tight deadlines, having to avoid confrontation with a difficult supervisor, or struggling to get in the right mood for the work ahead. Your mental health is important and properly preparing for your day on a psychological level can make a lot of difference. Before work, why not set aside 15 to 30 minutes to either meditate, unwind with a warm beverage, or practice a little deep breathing? You could also spend some time playing with your desktop applications before getting started, to loosen up and prepare to use them professionally.

2. Be Disciplined

Human beings work far more effectively when we have schedules to stick to – fact. The flexibility of working from home means that you get to define your working day, so why not structure your tasks in a way that suits your activities? For example, if you know that you’ll need a short break every hour, account for that. If you prefer working for several hours and then have a slightly longer break, where’s the harm? Discipline yourself with a flexible yet structured workday, and you’ll soon be breezing through any online systems and apps like it’s second nature.

3. Fresh Hygiene Can Work Wonders

Most of us will have been there – trying to ignore sweat dripping from our eyebrows, putting off a shower until we really have to, or even skipping brushing our teeth in favour of a Zoom call. Extensive studies have taken place that show how important hygiene can be to emotional health: the happier you are, the more productive you can be. Even a quick face cleanse with a wet wipe can invigorate the senses and leave you feeling fresh, so never overlook the importance of staying clean.

4. Know Your Limits

Sometimes, working from home is made all the more challenging because of moods, emotions, or simply waking up on the wrong side of the bed. We all have our limits and after spending a night staring at a computer, you might wake up the next morning feeling a little less than ready for work.

Rather than pushing through this, step back. Psychologists will always recommend taking time to reset your mind instead of forcing productivity and when this happens, consider a brief break.

5. Focus on the Positives

Do you know how fortunate you are to be able to work from home? No more expensive commutes, the kettle will typically be a short distance away and possibly best of all – you can work in your pyjamas. There are so many positives to working from home that is easy to overlook, but reminding yourself of these all in one solutions from time to time might help to keep you focused on just how fortunate you are.