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ToolCamp is a workplace for companies who want to improve their daily work

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Useful and proven tools

In ToolCamp you will find carefully selected, best desktop applications for your daily work. Choose the ones you need and use them free of charge in your customised system.

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All in one place

No more using too many devices and apps. You can have all the tools you need for your work in one place and always close at hand – only in ToolCamp. Use it where and when you want.

saving labor costs
Efficiency and safety

Thanks to ToolCamp you do not have to install any software. Work safely online, without affecting the performance of your hardware. ToolCamp records your work in real time.

How to use ToolCamp?

how to use

Using ToolCamp is easy. The system is accessible via a web browser from any location with Internet access. To start working in ToolCamp just create an account. Each time you sign in again, the system remembers your settings and actions performed.

All available applications are catalogued in ToolStore. You can search for them by the category or keyword you are interested in. You can also save the selected application on the ToolCamp desktop to have it at hand. You can customise your entire desktop to make your work as efficient as possible.

Thanks to ToolCamp you do not have to install applications from unknown sources on your hardware. Work securely online with our proven tools. You will find descriptions of all available applications on this page in the applications section.

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About us

We are a team of programmers and business practitioners. We gained experience in international organisations, but also by running our own companies for many years. In our work so far, we have noticed that we lack a platform containing a package of tools that would improve people’s work.

This is what makes up ToolCamp – the only place that collects useful tools for people and makes them available for general use free of charge.

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